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Lamia in snow_March 2016

Whether you are out there traveling the highways and byways of the land, or you are parked in an RV park and enjoying the stationary life, a big issue when living in an RV full time. In particular, an older RV like our own Lamia, the Traveling Tomb, is staying warm.

Sure, being the ghouls that we are, Bev and I prefer colder temperatures over hotter temperatures. Having said that, when I can’t feel my fingers or my toes, getting anything done is a challenge, to say the least.

Older RVs like ours aren’t the best insulated in the world. They were built with vacationing in mind, which is usually done in the warmer months, and only for short periods of time. Our RV was not designed to be a permanent residence, but that is how we use it. We need to make do and keep warm as best we…

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Reposting this article I wrote for Evan Carmichael’s business site:What Makes Your Business Card Stand Out? by Bev Sninchak

Your company’s business card is not only an advertisement and a reminder of your business, but it’s also a statement about who you are and in what your business specializes. This is why having a card that stands out from the pack is so important.

Source: What Makes Your Business Card Stand Out? by Bev Sninchak

[Guest post] Colorado will always be our home base

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We love Colorado and it’ll always be our home base! It’s beautiful here and we’ve considered it home since Paul and I both moved here 1979 (we didn’t know each other then, but…). So we are NOT abandoning Colorado AT ALL. Our plans are to keep our home base HERE and then travel extensively to see parts of the US and Canada that we maybe couldn’t afford to visit otherwise if we took into account airplane, hotel, and other fees. [ 279 more words—click link below to read more at Ghouls on the Go Travel Blog. ]


[Dream] Cobras & Demons

Two big dreams last night. In the first, I worked in some sort of a warehouse where people would come to have dinner and watch performers do all sorts of things. A group of snake charmers were charming a shit-ton of cobras (they were a bunch of pretty colors, though).

Now, I don’t like snakes and I’m scared to death of cobras and vipers! Well, one snake charmer came over to me and tapped on my right shoulder (from the front). The cobra leaned down and laid its head (or nudged its head) on my right shoulder without biting me. I was scared shitless and I remember holding my breath in terror!

Then, the snake charmer was touched by the cobra and the snake charmer ended up dying — I tried to run around and find an antidote (something called H1-something or another, but could only find H2-something). The guy’s body bloated up and died, his stomach was big and distended like you’d see in a Feed the Children ad.

I did not die from the cobra touching me, though. I felt like, somehow, I’d been blessed and protected by the cobra (not sure if that makes sense). So, THAT dream was freaky and weird. But then…

Discovery: I have a lot of dreams — a TON of them! — about battling and/or exorcizing demons. Most always when I forget to take my Trazodone before bed. Then I wake up with a sore body and barely able to move from having my muscles tensed up all night, as a result of fighting demons (could you get more symbolic?!).

Last night I was helping our friend Carly’s neighborhood rid itself of demons and Josh P. showed up as well. I didn’t want to do down into Carly’s basement, because it would be a high and tenuous climb to get back out of it, but I went in there anyway.

When it was time to get out, there was no other way except to climb up a steep, rigged ladder that was unsafe and shaky. I’m terrified of heights in real life, so in the dream I had no other choice but to face my fears and climb that shaky ladder and chance falling a long way down. Since there was no other way than up that ladder, I decided to avoid looking down and climb that ladder. I was scared to death. In the end, the ladder nearly came loose, but I made it up and out of the basement and to safety again.

Funny how the demons were less scary than that damned ladder climb! Anyway, last night’s dream couldn’t have been more dead-on about life right now, or how I’m feeling. I’ve never wanted to climb ‘that ladder’ many times in my life. I don’t want to now, either. But sometimes climbing ‘that ladder,’ no matter how scary it might be, is the only way out of the abyss known as the basement. Damn…helluva dream, eh? Lots to think about.[D