Viking DNA? Yes! More discoveries about my Norse and Scottish ancestry

Not related to writing, but I’m so stoked over this info that I had to share with *somebody*!
DNA tests prove Scots clan are Viking not Irish
HOLY COW! Just ran across this article, and it’s about Clan MacNeil, the clan that’s connected to my birth mother’s side. There is a Thomas MacNeil mentioned in the 9 generations of genealogy info I have from the family genealogist/historian. Because I can prove my ancestry from Clan MacNeil, if I wanted to visit the Isle of Barra, off of Scotland, I could visit there and also the clan castle. I’d love to do that some day!

The article makes total SENSE because I did my DNA ancestry through and it came up with a shit-ton of Northern European, with Norwegian/Scandinavian. THIS is where that Viking/Norwegian link comes from! WOW. And I stumbled across this article by accident. Holy crap!

I was right all along — that part of my DNA is related to this. I don’t care if I’m not related to Irish royalty, because on my birth father’s side, I’m related to two U.S. presidents AND a Russian Tsar.

This is so freaking exciting to me! Okay, now I’m ready to move to Norway or the Isle of Barra, where my Viking & Scottish ancestors lived. wink emoticon

From the article: “The clan was infamous throughout Scotland and beyond for its Viking-style pirating and great seamanship.

MacNeils raided the seas from their base at Kisimul Castle in Birlinn vessels – boats similar to the Viking longships.

Western Isles MP, Angus MacNeil, who also lives on Barra, said: ‘The MacNeils were a notoriously pirating clan. It’s no surprise we have Norse DNA.
‘Maybe we are the last vikings.’

The MP joked: ‘‘Conquer or die’ is the clan motto. Given the size of the island we ended up on we must have been better at the dying than the conquering.'”

[Dream Logic] Rats, snakes, and sex — oh my!

A couple nights ago, I dreamed of tussling with an alligator. I was thrashing about so violently in bed that Paul woke me up. My whole body was sore the next day.

Last night, I dreamed about a house that was filled with snakes and wild rats. I have no problem with fancy or pet rats, having owned a few in my lifetime. These were rabid, wild, intimidating rats. The place was overrun with them, in addition to the creepy, slim garter snakes.

[EDIT: I just looked up vipers, and the snakes were pit vipers instead of garter snakes. I found a photo that looked **exactly** like the ones in my dream. Shudder!]

Oh, except there was one huge snake — black and deep purple in color — that I wrested up on the counter. Paul took a butcher knife and cut it in two, killing it.

That snake, though, didn’t seem as wicked or threatening as the smaller ones, though. Their sinister triangular heads (like vipers rather than harmless snakes), induced extreme fear.

In the dream, they were invading the home, slithering through cracks, crevices — you name it. We could barely keep up with killing them all.

Again, my whole body was sore today when I woke up.

Battling snakes is a recurring theme in my dreams this past year. Between that and dreaming about battling demons, conducting exorcisms, and getting lost in strange cities or on high school or college campuses.

On occasion I also find my dream self in dark, foreboding warehouses that have been turned into underground sex clubs. Usually I’m the observer, rather than the participant. Though on occasion I’ve been involved. Most of the time, though, I’m taken aback by the debauchery I’m witnessing.

Mind you, I’m not a prude. However, I do prefer a sense of decorum in the bedroom. I don’t like messy, disgusting sex that involves too much of an extreme. I’m more of the sensual type, with a love of oils, scents, candles, massages, kissing, foreplay, whispered words of love, and decadent sensuality. For me, pain doesn’t equal pleasure. I want to feel good, not bad.

*Shrug* Each to his or her own.

At any rate, these are the recurrent themes in my dreams over the past year. Apparently, they plan to surface in 2015 as well. I’m aware of the dream symbolism of most of these things. I also understand how they each relate to my life, both past and present.

It’s interesting how your mind works through things, isn’t it?

Why am I so critical of organized religion? Here are some reasons.

You may wonder why I’m so hard on organized religion, and why I’m so critical of it. There are many reasons. None of which I actually have to share with anybody, mind you. However, if you watch this video and read the info about it, you’ll have a small clue as to one of the myriad of reasons why I want nothing to do with any of the Abrahamic religions, for starters. Organized religion has never been comfortable to me, and it’s never struck me as true for my heart or soul.

There are numerous problems with organized religion that I cannot sufficiently satisfy in my own mind. So, while some of you post religious stuff on your walls all the time, I will likewise post about my thoughts and beliefs. I do not ask you to refrain from posting your content about your religion, and I expect that you will afford me the same courtesy. I will no longer be silent about the thoughts I think about certain things. This is one of my virtual homes, and in my home I get to post what is important to me. You are welcome to unfollow me or avoid my posts if you can’t handle me exercising my right to expression as many do on a daily basis.

As for the video, I witnessed something similar when I was a young girl. I’d been asked to go to church with a friend. During the service, the pastor walked up to a kid in the first row and snatched him up by the hair on his head and berated him in front of the entire congregation. I never, ever forgot that. At the time, I remember thinking that I didn’t want to have anything to do with going to church if that happened.

In another instance, I was playing on my front porch at home and someone came up into our yard and up to me on the porch and started talking to me about Jesus and God and tried to ‘save’ me right there. My mom wasn’t outside with me, and I remember being scared at this stranger trying to ‘save’ me from something when I hadn’t done anything wrong. I was just a kid, playing on my front porch.

Later on, I did attend other churches, but it was always uncomfortable for me. I didn’t think or believe what they did, I didn’t believe I was born a sinner, and I thought it was horrific that the cross a man was crucified and bloodied on was held up as a symbol I should admire (how gruesome is that, really?)

Beyond that, the niceness and friendliness I experienced at those churches always seemed fake and self-serving…not real. Fake smiles, fake caring, fake ‘love’, all with undertones of judging and disapproval.

So yeah, you can argue that I had nothing but bad experiences or whatever, but take away the behavior and people I met, and I still felt uncomfortable. What I was told while sitting in church seemed made up, fabricated, a convenient way to control people and make them do things out of duty, fear, or shaming. Not to mention how utterly jealous and vengeful god seemed to be — and narcissistic as well.

I also have a problem with those who cherry-pick the bible. They will conveniently pick something to hold up as a sin, yet will forget about other things mentioned that are supposedly a no-no to god. Or, they’ll interpret things the way they want, and boldly assert it’s what god meant. Wow — really? Human beings use the bible for their own purposes and to their own ends, whatever those might be. The bible has been through so many revisions and so many human hands have touched it (and written it) that I fail to understand how you can rely on it at all.

Not to mention the sheer lack of logic found in so much of the bible and certain teachings. In the end, it seems human beings are nothing more than pawns in a big, elaborate game being lorded over and controlled by a deity that has control issues and a huge ego on par with ridiculousness. Again, this is how I see it.

“In this clip from a sermon, a Christian pastor explains how he walked up to a smart-aleck kid who wasn’t ‘taking the Lord serious’… and punched him in the chest.Because that’s how you’re supposed to win converts for Jesus.”

New FB page: The Art & Science of Life

moon trapeze


The Art & Science of Life is a page that celebrates both the art and science of life, here on this planet and beyond. Art and science are integral to the growth and education of humanity. Without either, we are intellectually impoverished.

**This is NOT a religious page. Please do not post scripture or religious quotes of any kind. People of all faiths are welcome, as are atheists and agnostics. We will not tolerate preaching and/or proselytizing. If you appreciate and are moved by art and science, this may be a page for you.**

This page will celebrate the natural beauty and wonder of all aspects of the experience of existence. To us, science is art and art is science. Let us admire and all the gifts we are given and shown. Feel free to share, discuss, and discover.

Any questions? Drop me a line at with The Art & Science of Life in the subject line of your message.

Bev Sninchak, Page Owner & Moderator

Unearthing New Ancestral DNA Info and Distant Ancestors (!) from My Birth Father’s Paternal Line

Screenshot of my DNA countries of ancestry courtesy of my DNA test. Couldn’t fathom where the Russian DNA came from. Thanks to new info from a few days ago, now I know! It is related to my my birth father’s paternal line and I’m distantly related to Nicholas II of Russia. I don’t know much about him, but today I’ll research!

Countries of Ancestry

Found a huge piece of the missing puzzle! I was adopted, so I had to locate a male relative to get access to my birth father’s haplogroup. Well, I did and now I have additional info from that well!

Here’s a screenshot:

Paternal Haplogroup

It gets better, in modern times, out of people who are living, Malcolm Gladwell, the author of The Tipping Point and Outliers is distantly related to me along my birth father’s DNA haplogroup. SO freakin’ cool! Guess I’ll have to read all the books of his I haven’t read yet, huh?

I saved the best for last. Nicholas II of Russia is cool, but “Adams” is one of the top surnames of my DNA relatives…and it turns out, along my father’s haplogroup info, I’m distantly related to — are you freakin’ ready?! — John Adams AND John Quincy Adams. WHAT?! Holy shit! Those two blew me away. I mean, from that paternal line, I’m related to not one, but TWO United States Presidents, the 2nd and the 6th, respectively. BLOWN AWAY.

I’m telling’ ya, getting my ancestral DNA results from has been one of the BEST decisions I’ve ever made in my life. As a person who was adopted, it has filled in so many blanks.

Things Other People Like or Understand, But I Don’t

There are many times when I just don’t get the attraction of certain things the majority of people (or a large share of them) enjoy. Examples: “Seinfeld,” “Friends,” “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” and various talent competition shows like “American Idol,” “The X Factor,” or “The Voice,” etc. And if you ever catch me watching “Duck Dynasty” or “Honey Boo Boo,” lop off my head. Yes, I know the latter is cancelled, and that’s a good thing as far as I’m concerned.

Obviously, to each his or her own, but the one that surprises me the most is my “Meh” reaction to “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Angel.” I tried, but I can’t get into them. By all indications, you’d think I would. But I don’t. *shrug*

I’m also a bigger fan of “Torchwood” than I am “Dr. Who.” Yes, I DO like “Dr. Who,” but something about “Torchwood” resonates with me more. Perhaps it’s John Barrowman’s FINE ASS. And yes, I *know* he’s gay. He makes me want to be a gay man. That man is HAWT.

Speaking of hot men, David Tennant is a hot little toddy as well. I loved him in the remake of “Fright Night.” Initially I was opposed to remaking that movie, but I saw it and approved. As if Hollywood cared, right? ;-p

To be fair, I’m sure many people don’t get my rabid interest in corvids, slinkies, collecting coffee cups, the paranormal, exorcism, sociopaths, smoking pipes, eye patches, vintage candy (like red wax lips or Mallo Cups), spontaneous human combustion, Dr. Demento, peeling dried glue off the palms of my hands, hentai*, pretty male Japanese rockers who sometimes dress like women, or any number of other odd things. Yes, I’ve a weird bent to my personality. However, after five decades on this planet, that won’t change in the future. I’m likely to get stranger!

*Please, don’t ask me what hentai is; if you’re over 18, look it up.

This is yet another entry in Bev’s “what you didn’t care to know about, but she told you any damn way.”