A Warm Ghoul is a Happy Ghoul

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Lamia in snow_March 2016

Whether you are out there traveling the highways and byways of the land, or you are parked in an RV park and enjoying the stationary life, a big issue when living in an RV full time. In particular, an older RV like our own Lamia, the Traveling Tomb, is staying warm.

Sure, being the ghouls that we are, Bev and I prefer colder temperatures over hotter temperatures. Having said that, when I can’t feel my fingers or my toes, getting anything done is a challenge, to say the least.

Older RVs like ours aren’t the best insulated in the world. They were built with vacationing in mind, which is usually done in the warmer months, and only for short periods of time. Our RV was not designed to be a permanent residence, but that is how we use it. We need to make do and keep warm as best we…

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