Fictitious Tits ~ from imagination to reality

Note: Someone on my friends’ list said I should make a Fictitious Tits T-shirt, so I did!

Only $17.99 for the regular T-shirt, and $18.99 for the long-sleeved T-shirt.

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Ladies, show us your (fictitious) tits!
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The back of the shirt reads: “The creative feminine voice you’ve always wanted, but never knew you needed!”

Women kick ass. Tweak everyone’s interest (get it?) and celebrate sisterhood (or support it) by wearing this unique shirt. Countless women around the world create music, art, writing, fiber arts, and everything in between. Fictitious Tits is a nod to all creative women.

What is Fictitious Tits? It’s the name I came up with for a female-centric word and music platform, à la Kathleen Hanna’s groups Bikini Kill, Le Tigre, and The Julie Ruin. Kathleen is not only a musician, but she’s also a feminist and a writer.

Fictitious Tits needed to exist outside my imagination. Hell, why not? FT will be a combination of spoken word recordings (since I’m a writer) and electronic music with a decidedly female edge. Once I have several cuts, I’ll add them to online outlets like iTunes or Spotify.

Your support will help me reach my goals to make Fictitious Tits a reality to publish/perform both spoken word *and* female-driven music.

What’s an uncommon disease some women have, but they may never know about? Lipedema. Time to raise awareness!

This is not about writing per se, but the topic is connected. I’ve been writing about my journey with this disease on my blogs for nearly a year. I may expand those writings into a non-fiction book. Not sure yet.

Anyway, this is important to me, but even MORE important is spreading the word so women who might be affected can seek diagnosis and treatment.

Only 11% of women have this disease, so it’s not common; however, for those who have the disease, it can be devastating — especially to the psyche. That’s where it’s hurting me the most, in fact. I’m blessed to have a husband who loves me and is with me every step of the way.

I was diagnosed almost a year ago, thanks to Dr. Boyce & Penrose Hospital Rehab Services. Wish it had happened sooner, but I guess I was lucky to get a diagnosis. NOTE: Lipedema is NOT the same as obesity. You can starve yourself and you will still have Lipedema. It’s a genetic disease that’s incurable.

Without the Affordable Care Act (ACA), I would’ve probably never gotten diagnosed or been able to receive treatment and info on how to manage this disease. Thanks, Obama!

According to the article mentioned below, “Lipedema is inherited, and puberty, pregnancy and perimenopause exacerbate the process. Treatment is compression therapy and liposuction.”

Lipedema cannot be cured by diet or exercise. Symptoms include bruising, tenderness, swelling, and heaviness in the affected limb(s).

In the article, Dr. Mark Smith said, “Most patients don’t even know they have lipedema. I have seen women break down in tears once they receive their diagnosis, because their whole lives they’ve been told they’re fat and they’re not exercising; not eating right. Meanwhile, they have a condition that’s not as simple as diet and exercise.”

‘Fat Disease’ Puzzles Female Sufferers

Click the link below to watch a video report about Lipedema

[Dream] Yasuldation means…?

The word ‘yasuldation’ showed up in my dream last night. It is common for various words, names, and phrases to pop up in my dreams. Usually, they’re written out, and I read them in my dreams and try to remember what I read afterward.

I woke up and strove to remember the word because I’d never heard of it before. I was curious about whether it was a real word. The answer is no; it’s not an actual word. The closest thing I discovered is that ‘yasul’ is a Korean word that means metallurgy.

I suppose one could say my subconscious loves to make up new words. As a writer, that’s exciting and interesting. At least I think so!

The best thing about my dreams is that they’re so intense and rich in the images, words, and stories that happen in them. I never know what I’ll dream, and each night I go to bed with a sense of anticipation over what adventure awaits during my slumber. Keeps things interesting!