“Who does she think she is?” Answer: “Whoever she WANTS to be!”

Nocturnal Muse’s Vlog for Sunday, 3.23.14. Warning: I drop the F-bomb in here a couple of times, so be warned. 🙂


Hmmm…a Datura snake? Interesting.

Thank you, Angelina Jolie, for saving me from those deadly snakes in your research lab last night during my dream. That sleek, black snake, called Datura (which is actually a poisonous plant), was particularly nasty. Angelina, I owe you a solid for saving my ass. Signed, me.

That’s one helluva baby…

Time for bed. Before I sign off, I gotta tell you about the dream I had last night (at least the one part I remembered). I had this newborn baby — a son — and I was taking care of him (burping him, changing his diapers, etc.) He was lying in a crib and was newborn, so he couldn’t turn over by himself or do much by himself, but he suddenly began talking to me (!) and informed me that he intended to get his Ph.D., but first he wanted to become a pirate! Lmfao! I woke up and went, “What the absolute hell?!” It still cracks me up. Here’s this baby who can’t even do much of anything, but he informs me (in an intelligent and wise voice) of his intentions of becoming a pirate and THEN pursuing his Ph.D. Too freakin’ funny. I tell ya, my dreams are NEVER normal or run-of-the-mill stories. With that, I bid you a good night!