Compete ONLY with yourself

Achievement doesn’t mean the same for everyone. If you measure someone else’s achievements next to yours, you’re setting yourself up for stress & disappointment. Only compete w/ yourself to improve. Be genuine/authentic with what feels right to you. Work within your own energy, your own groove, & allow others to do the same, without undue pressure of comparison. You are a unique bird; sing your OWN song!

Editor’s Note – 2010!

Editor’s Note

Last year, 2009, was full of changes on both personal and professional levels. On a personal level, I was incredibly busy working with the paranormal investigation group I founded in 2005, Colorado Springs Paranormal Association (C.S.P.A.). To date, we’ve conducted nearly 70 investigations and captured a lot of intriguing evidence. We’ve also helped many clients feel safer and better about the activity in their homes and businesses. A passion of mine — the paranormal — became a full-blown undertaking. When I wasn’t writing, editing and coaching, I was investigating claims of the paranormal.

On a professional level, I stayed busy with a myriad of writing and editing jobs. In addition, I taught online writing courses and coached other writers. Along the way, my fascination with the paranormal worked its way into my writing as well. If the year wasn’t busy enough, I took on the hosting of not one, but two, podcasts: Elemental Musings and Inside Paranormal Colorado Springs. Never satisfied to sit around and do nothing, I plan to pursue my literary and paranormal passions throughout this year and into the future. I’m excited over the opportunities opening up on the horizon and am always eager to move ahead!

Last year, my fourth book, Hidden Fire, was released by Whiskey Creek Press. My previous romance book, Mending Fences, was released in late 2006. Both are written under my fiction pen name, Star Ferris. I’ve also plunged headlong into social media on both Facebook and Twitter. Also launched a couple of new writing-related blogs, Writer’s Dominatrix and Succulent Scribe, in addition to the ever-present Elemental Musings. Feel free to friend me, add me, or subscribe to any of the blogs listed above.

As you already know, Scribe & Quill no longer publishes monthly. Because of my work schedule and other obligations, the zine will be published four times this year, rather than twelve. Our previous mail host, Zinester, is defunct, so the ‘zine will be linked here as well as over here at Once I find a suitable mail host, I’ll resume e-mail delivery. Scribe & Quill will continue publication through 2010 and beyond–just as it has (in some form or another) since 1997. Believe it or not, we are going into our 13th year of publication!

As an addition to our services, my husband, who is a professional videographer and video editor, is offering his book promo video services to authors of all genres. Scribe & Quill readers/subscribers receive a discounted rate. Most authors can’t afford to sink $500 or more into a single book video promo, which is why my husband decided to launch Paul’s Promos, a book video design service that offers an affordable alternative for those of us who have limited funds, but who still want and need a quality book promo. To receive a quote, e-mail Paul at or visit his page to view samples of book videos he’s already created.

For previous issues of Scribe & Quill, visit our Archives section. Quarterly issues for 2010 will be released during spring, summer, fall and winter. This site is always under revision, so be sure to clear your cache and refresh your browser each time you visit.

Please note the ONLY official address for the original Scribe & Quill is: The .com site is no longer associated with the original Scribe & Quill. It was yanked out from beneath us and now some person or company I don’t even know owns the domain. So if you see anything going on over at the .com site, it’s not the original Scribe & Quill and I have nothing to do with that domain.

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S & Q has an opt-in subscriber list of over 6,000. I hope we will not only keep our current subscribers, but build upon that base over the coming year. As we move through 2010, I want to thank each and every one of you for your subscriber-ship and submissions.

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