New website for Abraxas Professional Writing Courses

Come visit our new virtual home! 🙂 Abraxas Professional Writing Courses now has its own website. Browse the online courses offered and drop me a line via the contact page (or by email) if you have any questions. Be sure to sign the guestbook, too.

Where you are today

What has brought you here today, at this point in time in this lifetime? It’s all your experiences, all the people you’ve met/known, all the good/bad/ugly, all the ups and downs, all the seconds/minutes/hours/days/weeks/years…it’s not been easy, for any of us. But all of that — the culmination of ALL of it — is what has made us who we are. And while the past is the foundation of where we are today, that doesn’t mean the past has to equal who you are or what you do in the present or the future. You will have bad days, good days and “meh” days. All you gotta do is keeping walking your path…keep walking…don’t give up. If you’re still here, your journey isn’t over. Just a nocturnal thought or two that popped into my head. ♥