Enough already!

Regarding the theater shooting: I predicted this would happen a few years ago and that it would result in increased security at theaters. Ask Paul, because I told him. How am I able to figure this stuff out, but the higher-ups can’t? If you are a student of human behavior/psychology, then you can figure it out (sadly).

The world is an INSANE place, people. Some wingnut was bound to do this. All those people wanted was to watch a movie and have a good time. But no, we can’t have a good time anymore, can we? What a disgusting waste of skin that guy is. Always some sociopathic/psychopathic jerk ruining it for others and causing untold amounts of pain and suffering.

There are NO excuses and I have NO mercy, compassion or forgiveness for this mass murderer. I reserve those kinds of things for people who DESERVE them — such as the poor victims’ families/friends. I don’t CARE what bad childhood you had, if mommy didn’t love you enough or WHAT the so-called excuse is. Bullshit! There’s NO excuse.

Get the trial going, and when he’s convicted, mete out punishment RIGHT away. I’m going to the movies this weekend as a big “F you” in response to such pieces of shit still walking around in society! This is domestic terrorism, and I refuse to be kept in my home and in the grip of fear because of sick people like this!

Why am I here? This.

I said this to a friend today. Decided to repost it here: “Some people cannot handle me — not sure why. I just try to be honest (sometimes it comes out too blunt, though). I do like people — a lot — but I get frustrated by the human race. I really do. It’s sad. But deep down I hope for better, and am truly an optimist. I’m here on earth for a purpose — and it’s not for publishing books or writing. Yes, those are important, but I think it’s just the means to communicate. I want to touch people and make them think — even if it comes across the wrong way. We are more than just human bodies, after all. We are energy, we are conduits that can be used for good or bad — and we must choose good, if at all possible. We must protect those who cannot protect themselves, and shine a light on injustices, when possible. We must speak out, and not be silenced.”