An invitation to join Nocturnal Musings, a Facebook community for those who are nocturnal by nature.

For all you lovers of night, shadows, dark things, midnight, moon, stars, and everything else wickedly (yet deliciously) nocturnal, there is now a page to celebrate your nyctophilia (a love or preference of the dark or of the night). I need 25 likes in order to claim a personalized FB web address. If you would drop by and give my cool new page a “like,” I’d sure appreciate it.  Once you “like” it, you may begin posting memes, quotes, thoughts, or anything else you want to share in celebration of nighttime! Nocturnal Muses, unite! We are the people of the dark, of the moon, of the delicious shadows. We are legion, and now we have a FB place to call our own. Come forth, Beloved Darklings, and join me


Inspire kids — it can shape the rest of their lives!

You know what’s awesome? Receiving a message from your high school journalism teacher — the woman who played a big role in me becoming a professional freelance writer, editor, and published author. Her name is Lana Smith, and she is one of a few mentors in my life who absolutely shaped the person I’d become and what I’d do for a career.

I began in journalism class at Widefield High School (in Colorado Springs) when I was a wee sophomore, went on to become the advertising manager and, eventually, the editor-in-chief for the WHS Gladitorial.

My first paid article appeared in the Colorado Springs Sun newspaper when I was 17 years old. I started writing in elementary school and have never stopped. I was blessed to have teachers and parents who encouraged me every step of the way.

Always support your kids in their passions/interests. It’s *incredibly* important to do so. Hearing from Lana today really made my weekend — and my week!