Dropkick that jerk from your life, girl

Paul ran to Walgreens a little while ago and there was a guy outside who’d apparently been thrown out of the house by his girlfriend. Paul heard the guy talking shit to his friend sitting in the car and saying he was gonna “kill that bitch” because he had to sleep out in the cold.

Of course, this is a primary example why Paul & I have kept more to ourselves over the years. Stuff like that — brutish, thuggish behavior — fills us with incredible anxiety and we just don’t wanna be out and about in the world around people like that. It seems society is getting meaner and more thuggish by the day. Almost as if anti-intellectualism and lack of education is worn as a badge of honor and is something to brag about.

In my view, if this is the way that guy is, then I’d say his girlfriend not only needs to kick his ass out of house, but out of her life as well. Why women get with these assholes is beyond me. Not a fan of the shit-talking, macho man type. Better to be single than be miserable with a jerk like that.

“Creativity demands nothing less than all you have. It means revealing murderous rage, the marksman behind the writing desk, the inner demons that confound us all. How can creativity be other than a terrifying force full of unexpected turnings? If you give your life to creativity, you give up forever the promise to be a good girl. Creativity will inevitably lead you to give away dark family secrets. It will lead you into the labyrinth to face the minotaur. You can’t face the minotaur and stay a good girl. You can’t look the minotaur in the eye and continue to silence the artist in yourself.”
—Erica Jong, Fear of Fifty

[Quote] “Creativity demands nothing less than all you have.”

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Holiday surprises ;-)

Happiness is getting an unexpected $25 Amazon gift card from a company I’ve worked with over this past year with a note that reads, “Thanks for your terrific work in 2013—enjoy a good book from us! Happy Holidays!”

Always nice to be appreciated for your freelance work 😉

“Vampires cannot be cured. They cannot be taught, they cannot learn the error of their ways. Most of all, vampires will never understand how much damage they’re doing to you and your work. Pity the vampires, they are doomed to this life.

Your garlic is simple: shun them. Delete their email, turn off comments, don’t read your one-star reviews. Don’t attend meetings where they show up.

Shun the ones who feed on your failures.”

—Seth Godin

Shun vampires

Random factoid: I have CMV Negative blood

Random factoid: Hate needles with a passion, but used to give blood on a regular basis (need to start doing that again). The drive to do a good deed for others—maybe even save a life—outweighs my fear. My blood type is O-positive, the most common type. My blood is also in demand because I’m CMV Negative, which means my system has NOT been exposed to the Cyto-Megalo-Virus which most adults (50 to 80 percent) have been exposed to at some time of their lives. CMV Negative blood is used with AIDS and cancer patients, as well as babies or people who have compromised immune systems. Kind of cool, and yet another reason to start donating again! http://blog.inceptsaves.com/blog/2011/05/04/what-does-it-mean-to-have-cmv-negative-blood/