Author site update & plans for rest of 2012

It was time for another author website update! Want to see what’s new? Drop by and check it out! Podcast section still under maintenance, but the rest is all set.

My projects for the remainder of this year include developing several book manuscripts, independently reviewing/editing various client manuscripts and settling in as publisher/executive editor of )0( Triple Crow Publishing )0(. For more information on any of these projects, visit Abraxas Editing for details and quotes.

Family writes: Like mother, like son

The best thing about having a son who is also a writer is that we get to talk about things most people don’t understand. When he calls me and discusses his latest writing project, it’s like we are speaking a special language only a minority of people can decipher. When he was a little kid, he won all sorts of awards and honors for his art. Imagine my surprise when he grew up to be a writer! Thought for sure he would be an artist. Like mother, like son. Pretty cool stuff! 🙂

Various quotes from Nietzsche

Every word is a prejudice.


During the journey we commonly forget its goal. Almost every profession is chosen as a means to an end but continued as an end in itself. Forgetting our objectives is the most frequent act of stupidity.


To accept a faith just because it is customary, means to be dishonest, to be cowardly, to be lazy. And do dishonesty, cowardice, and laziness then appear as the presupposition of morality?


Perhaps truth is a woman who has reasons for not letting us see her reasons?


Morality is herd instinct in the individual.


I say unto you: One must still have chaos in oneself to give birth to a dancing star.


Formula for our happiness: a Yes, a No, a straight line, a goal.


There are many kinds of eyes. Even the sphinx has eyes—and consequently there are many kinds of “truths,” and consequently there is no truth.

Johnny Depp & Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney

Johnny Depp and Paul McCartney

The Zen of Johnny Depp!

What is Depp Zen? I just made it up. It’s a special kind of Zen that comes across you when you view a delicious photo of Johnny Depp. 🙂 The accompanying quote is this (it relates to how Johnny goes his own way, regardless of public opinion): “A wise man makes his own decisions, an ignorant man follows the public opinion.”

Join me at the Depp Zen group on Facebook to celebrate the Zen of Mr. Depp!

Five things meme

This is the Five Things meme that I ganked from my friend Cheryl. Below I’ve filled out the answers and now it’s YOUR turn to do the same! I’m anxious to find out more about you — it’ll take some time, but please do this and post it so I can read your answers.

Five things you may not know about my time in high school are:

1. I was editor of the school paper, president of the French Club and a member of National Honor Society.

2. At graduation, I was in the top ten percent of my class. I earned silver cords and five scholarships. My best friend in high school, Tim Barr, was ranked #7. He’s a brainiac and an awesome writer to boot!

3. However…I hardly EVER studied in high school. If I had, I might have been ranked higher due to effort. Instead, I was busy with extracurricular activities and hanging with my friends.

4. I worked at Baskin Robbins and Kwik Inn (in Security, CO) during high school. At Baskin Robbins, my coworkers and I would have spoon races. We’d wait for the security camera to swivel its watchful gaze away from behind the counter, then we’d race out from the storage room with our taste spoons, scoop up little bits of ice cream, run back in the storage room and eat the ice cream before the camera swung back around toward us.

5. Thanks to Journalism teachers Stan Richardson and Lana Smith, I grew up to be a professional writer. Thanks, guys!

Five things you may not know about the job(s) I have/had are:

1. Most of my jobs (before quitting to become a professional writer in ’97) consisted of working in the banking, consumer credit and government job sectors. I also worked as a records clerk in a police dept.

2. I quit my city government job in May 1997. Within months, they paid me to come BACK as a temp employee and train new employees at the job — even though there were FOUR other women co-workers there who were quite capable of training new employees. My ex-boss paid me a full salary for the time I worked as a contract trainer.

3. I have NEVER been fired from any job — I’ve always been the one to leave. I have NEVER been on unemployment.

4. The most demeaning job I ever had was working on an assembly line making ceramic disks for the Maida Corp. back in the mid-80s. I ditched that job pretty quick! I’m not cut out for that kind of mind-numbing stuff. Gotta be creative in SOME way or another.

5. Every job I’ve interviewed for, I’ve gotten.

Five things you may not know about my online life are:

1. When I first signed up for LiveJournal in 2002, I had no idea what I’d use it for! Now I have a handful of other blogs/journals on a variety of subjects. Love Twitter as well. Mainly because it’s quick, easy and gets the point across in small increments!

2. I launched my writing e-zine, Scribe & Quill, in 1997. Used to publish it monthly, but my life’s too busy now with deadlines and work. Currently I only publish it four times a year, depending on my schedule.

3. I’m an avid World of Warcraft fan. My husband got me hooked in October 2006. My main toon is a level 82 human warrior (Alliance) named Bellamort. My main alts are mostly Alliance and include a rogue, death knight, druid and priest. My warrior is DPS all the way. I prefer kick-your-ass classes over magic casters any old day. I’m an in-your-face player. Rather challenge you upfront than stand back and sling spells at you, lol!

4. Some of the best friends I’ve met in person have been from LiveJournal.

5. I collect e-mail addresses like some people collect postcards. In total, I probably have ten (an estimate). I like to switch things up every now and then according to my mood.

Five things you may not know about where I live are:

1. People think it snows here all the time. Not true. Colorado Springs averages 250 days of sunshine per year.

2. I never get tired of seeing Pikes Peak — it’s a beautiful view.

3. Over 2.4 million people live within 75 miles of Colorado Springs. About 370,000 people live in Colorado Springs.

4. Colorado Springs is home to NORAD, the North American Aerospace Defense Command.

5. Colorado Springs is (for the most part) a conservative, right-wing community. However, if you want to catch your breath and get away from that, just hop on over to Manitou Springs!

Five things you may not know about my core personality are:

1. The way to get me to do something is NOT to push or threaten me. Honey works better than vinegar in my case. If you push me, I’m liable to do the very thing you don’t want me to do!

2. My whole life I’ve gotten along better with men than women. I do have many casual women friends, but there are only a few close friends of mine who are women. Most women are too catty and judgmental, and I don’t have patience for that kind of triviality in my life. I also hate shopping and margaritas! *gasp*

3. I’m don’t see myself as a mothering type. When I was growing up, I did not want to get married or have kids. I’d planned on being a career woman. I ended up living life backwards. To my surprise, a couple of my kids’ friends have actually said they wish I was their mom — probably because I treat them as human beings and actually talk TO them, not down AT them.

4. My friends say I have two sides to me: the business Bev and the playful Bev. It’s awesome that my amazing hubby understands this, because I’m not into overly clingy, dependent men. I won’t ever give up my career ambitions, and he doesn’t expect me to. He’s incredibly supportive! Good thing he likes ambitious, outspoken and independent women, ’cause I’m not the shrinking violet type.

5. When it comes to reaching goals, I’m tenacious. It might take me decades to accomplish a goal, but I won’t give up until I do. While I’ll listen to advice and guidance, in the end I keep my own counsel and do what is best for me and my circumstances. I use what makes sense and throw out the rest of what I’m told.

Five things you may not know about my home life are:

1. My living style is very relaxed. I’m not anal about having everything around my place ‘just so.’ I’m the anti-Martha Stewart. Once I’m able to afford it, I’ll hire a housekeeper and gardener. And I’ll treat them well and like family, too!

2. We own over 400+ DVDs. Mainly because when Paul and I moved in together, we combined our collections. His FAR outpaced mine, however! We’re B-horror movie fans in a big way!

3. We hardly ever eat at the dinner table all at once — unless it’s a holiday, and not even then most of the time! (Again, I’m not regimented.) Also, on that same note, dinner time is when everyone is hungry — not at a certain time on the clock.

4. Not a fan of drop-in visitors. I hate feeling unprepared. It’s great if you want to stop by, but please don’t surprise me — trust me, you don’t want to see me without my make-up (I’m doing you a favor here.) Besides, I work from home and have deadlines all the time. I wouldn’t stop by your office unannounced, so please extend the same courtesy to me.

5. I can’t stand if the furnace is set over 65 degrees at night. I HATE overly warm environments.

Five things you may not know that I desperately want are:

1. To own a new, shiny house. With new furniture. And a huge library/office. And a tech-heavy studio for my hubby so he can work on his audio/video editing!

2. A NYT bestselling book — or two, five or TEN!)

3. The results from a new DNA test offered through AncestryDNA. It’s only $99 and tests for 700,000 markers. The accuracy is supposed to be astounding! I’ve really gotten into genealogy the past few years.

4. To take my hubby to Europe — especially Scotland! He’s never been out of the U.S., and I can’t wait to travel with him overseas!

5. To constantly be surrounded by endless & amazing prosperity, abundance, success, health, happiness, and energy! I’m working on it, as is hubby. We’re making slow, but sure, progress!

Five things you may not know about what I do in a typical day are:

1. Sleep during the day. My brain doesn’t function well before noon. I’m a consummate night owl who stays up very late. I was born at 10:40 p.m. Don’t call me before afternoon unless it’s an emergency. I’m my own boss, so I choose to work graveyard shift!

2. I often forget to eat breakfast. It’s a bad habit I’m trying to break.

3. Most of my day is spent working as a managing, editing or proofreading other people’s manuscripts. I reserve the weekends for working on my own projects and spending time with my wonderful husband, so I’m very protective about my personal/private time. Unfortunately, I have to say “no” to a lot of social outings because of that. I’m selective about accepting invitations, but I have to be.

4. Talk to our animals like they are human beings. Our animals are smart 😉 The more I’m around society in general, the more I love our animals.

5. I check my e-mail EVERY day. It’s easier to get in touch with me through e-mail than by phone. I hate the phone. I usually receive 50-100 e-mails per day, most of them business-related.I send about 400 e-mails per week.

Five things you may not know that are really important to me:

1. Staying informed (watching news, reading articles.) People who aren’t aware of what’s going on in the world irritate me. People who intentionally dig their heads in the sand to avoid knowing what’s going on REALLY annoy me.

2. Our collection of books & DVDs.

3. Having a wonderful, supportive, loving husband and children. I’m very fortunate to have them!

4. Paranormal investigation. I’ve read about/studied the paranormal since I was a little girl. There are more things out there than we’ll ever comprehend, and I’d rather be inquisitive and open-minded than pretend we humans have all the answers wrapped up in a pat little box of dogma gifted to us by close-minded segments of society. I’m more fearful of the living than the dead any old day!

5. Technology. Can’t live without our computers — especially our Macs! Our household is Apple- and gadget-heavy. I’d suck as a Luddite. I’ve been online since 1991, when I first signed on to Prodigy.


)0( Abraxas Editing )0(

My writing/editing services site has been out there for a long while under a basic Homestead acct. Tonight I decided I needed to brand it with a better name, so I’ve selected Abraxas Editing.

If you recall, Abraxas was the word I saw written out in one of my dreams. I knew that, somehow, I needed to use it. Now I have.

Although I’ve been writing/editing/teaching since 1997, my site needed a slight makeover. Herewith, Abraxas Editing. Please stop by for a visit! The form on the front page is being ornery, but otherwise it’s the same basic info as before. 🙂

Fifteen years — and counting!

This month I’m celebrating my 15th year as a professional author/editor/writing instructor. Proud to say my first editing client (Howie) is still in contact! Also pleased to say I recently worked on a book written by a famous rock star’s sister. 🙂

People either think of me as a writer or an editor, but never both (it seems). That annoys me. I’m able to do both, and I have years of experience. I don’t have to be one or the other. I’m also a publisher, most recently with the launch of Triple Crow Publishing.

Guess what I’m trying to say is I don’t like being put into a box when I do more than one thing. Some people can write, but they can’t edit well. Some people can edit, but they can’t write well. Fortunately, I can do both.

Next time you need a writer OR an editor, please consider working with me. I’d appreciate it. This isn’t a hobby for me, it’s a career. I take it seriously. Plus, you can bribe me with chocolate! 🙂

Introducing )0( Triple Crow Publishing )0(

)0( Triple Crow Publishing )0( is a selective eBook publisher based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Our mission is to deliver intriguing, interesting, and informative nonfiction and fiction eBooks to avid readers across the world.

We aren’t yet open to submissions. Once we do open, they will be by invitation only.

We seek out authors (both unpublished and published) with interesting styles and voices. Those authors will receive an exclusive invitation to publish—in various electronic formats—with )0(Triple Crow Publishing)0(. TCP electronically publishes all genres and categories of books, both nonfiction and fiction.

Authors are NOT asked to pay to publish with )0(Triple Crow Publishing)0(. Authors receive quarterly royalties. Official guidelines will be available in the near future.

Our aim is to seek out authors who have +something extra+ to offer readers. Avid bibliophiles recognize what that something extra is, and so do we. It’s often intangible, but you know it when you experience it. An author’s work needs to resonate with us. It needs to touch us in a substantial way, either intellectually, emotionally, or spiritually (hopefully all three!). Follow us on Twitter or find us on Facebook. 🙂

Bev Walton~Porter
Publisher, )0( Triple Crow Publishing )0(