Celebrating eight wonderful years!


Eight years ago Paul T. Sninchak and I met in person, at Pikes Perk on Tejon, for the first time. We had coffee, talked, he kissed my hand, and we walked down Tejon, where we shared our first kiss (he asked my permission first, which greatly impressed me). My life changed in so many ways — it was a blessing! In September, not long before we met, I wrote a letter to myself, outlining the type of man I wished I could find…and in November 2005, I found him. Every single characteristic/personality trait I wrote down he has — every single one! He is my husband, best friend, lover, stepfather to my children, creative manager, confidante, and anything else you can think of. Happy original anniversary, my love! They don’t make ’em like you anymore…and I’m so BLESSED and THANKFUL we are on this life journey together. The universe couldn’t have brought me a more fitting or loving partner. ♥♥♥

Hooray for awesome family visits!

Cannot express what a wonderful time we had with Jon and his girlfriend Cait. I didn’t check email once (sorry if you emailed me) and I felt like I finally got some time to just be me and hang with my kids.

Britt was amazing and helped me do so many things, like cooking, straightening up the house, and making a special treat for Jon’s 24th bday.

Overall, the only bad spot was that Paul had to work till 11:30 p.m. every night, but we did stay up and hang out several hours after he got off work.

All the way around, I’d say the visit was a success. These past several days gave me perspective on why I get so stressed out and have such a hard time. I’m really not as kind or forgiving of myself as I should be. I’m critical of myself in major ways and I’m rarely happy with anything I do (contrary to what some people may think).

Also, there is not enough balance in my life between work and play. I’m probably 90 percent work and 10 percent play right now. Moving that to 70/30 would be better. I love my career because I enjoy what I do. So I don’t see it as *work* like most people think of their jobs as work.

Anyway, gained some perspective and that’s always a good thing. Beautiful time with the family and so grateful for my adoring husband, two fantastic kids, and Jon’s magnificent girlfriend. As far as I’m concerned, Cait is family now.

Ever see Scott Pilgrim vs. the World? Cait reminds me of Ramona SO much! Seriously. She IS Ramona! I adore her in every way possible.

Fifteen years — and counting!

This month I’m celebrating my 15th year as a professional author/editor/writing instructor. Proud to say my first editing client (Howie) is still in contact! Also pleased to say I recently worked on a book written by a famous rock star’s sister. 🙂

People either think of me as a writer or an editor, but never both (it seems). That annoys me. I’m able to do both, and I have years of experience. I don’t have to be one or the other. I’m also a publisher, most recently with the launch of Triple Crow Publishing.

Guess what I’m trying to say is I don’t like being put into a box when I do more than one thing. Some people can write, but they can’t edit well. Some people can edit, but they can’t write well. Fortunately, I can do both.

Next time you need a writer OR an editor, please consider working with me. I’d appreciate it. This isn’t a hobby for me, it’s a career. I take it seriously. Plus, you can bribe me with chocolate! 🙂

Introducing )0( Triple Crow Publishing )0(

)0( Triple Crow Publishing )0( is a selective eBook publisher based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Our mission is to deliver intriguing, interesting, and informative nonfiction and fiction eBooks to avid readers across the world.

We aren’t yet open to submissions. Once we do open, they will be by invitation only.

We seek out authors (both unpublished and published) with interesting styles and voices. Those authors will receive an exclusive invitation to publish—in various electronic formats—with )0(Triple Crow Publishing)0(. TCP electronically publishes all genres and categories of books, both nonfiction and fiction.

Authors are NOT asked to pay to publish with )0(Triple Crow Publishing)0(. Authors receive quarterly royalties. Official guidelines will be available in the near future.

Our aim is to seek out authors who have +something extra+ to offer readers. Avid bibliophiles recognize what that something extra is, and so do we. It’s often intangible, but you know it when you experience it. An author’s work needs to resonate with us. It needs to touch us in a substantial way, either intellectually, emotionally, or spiritually (hopefully all three!). Follow us on Twitter or find us on Facebook. 🙂

Bev Walton~Porter
Publisher, )0( Triple Crow Publishing )0(

Birthing a small publishing company!

Paul & I have decided to start a small publishing company. Ebooks only at this point. We are not open to submissions at this time. When we do open for submissions, they will be by invitation only. Ours will be an exclusive publishing company specifically for select projects and subjects we are passionate about. Details and the name to be unveiled soon. Been discussing this for a while. Finally decided to take that leap. *excited*