A couple things of note

Just a heads-up that Paul and I are both going back to school. This means we will have reading, assignments, and homework on top of our jobs. As a result, our time will become even more limited for social activities. I know that’s a bummer, but we are committed to our current goals and dedicated to achieving them.

If we aren’t available to socialize, either online or offline, this will be why. We are excited to get back into an academic routine and our jobs and studies will take priority over anything else. Thanks for your understanding and encouragement. 😉

In other news, my Smashwords author interview just went live. Pop over and give it a look:

Throw a ‘like’ my way, please! ;-)

Almost at 60 likes for my Nocturnal Divination page! Thanks to everyone who has thrown a “like” my way. If you haven’t been over there yet, please stop by and toss a “like” on the pile! I’m having a BLAST doing tarot and astrology readings.

The Oracle and Color Intuitive readings will be added next. I only have ten spots, so I have to make hard decisions about what I want to put in there the first time around. Anyway, I’d LOVE to do a reading for you! They’re $1 and up—very reasonable and I love doing them.

If you have any questions, drop me a line and I’ll gladly answer your query about my services and products. https://www.facebook.com/NocturnalDivination

Polish your prose for publication. Veteran copy editor booking clients NOW for 2014!

I’m a professional editor with 16+ years of experience. Let me polish your manuscript! Only $2 per page for line editing and $1.50 per page for proofreading. Quick turnaround times. Visit http://www.abraxasediting.com, read the testimonials, then e-mail me for a quote and sample edit.

Holiday surprises ;-)

Happiness is getting an unexpected $25 Amazon gift card from a company I’ve worked with over this past year with a note that reads, “Thanks for your terrific work in 2013—enjoy a good book from us! Happy Holidays!”

Always nice to be appreciated for your freelance work 😉

Abraxas Writing & Editing Services—contact me for a quote!

Abraxas Writing & Editing Services—contact me for a quote!

If you need a seasoned, affordable copy editor or proofreader for your nonfiction or fiction manuscript, please visit http://www.abraxasediting.com or contact me at bev@nocturnalmuse.com for a quote. I have 16+ years of experience and I’m thorough, affordable, and flexible. 🙂

3 Unique Tips for Saving Money on Business Travel: Staying in a Hostel?!

3 Unique Tips for Saving Money on Business Travel: Staying in a Hostel?!

Need to save money on your next business trip? Check out a few tips in my article at ReplaceYourSalary.com.