Bring on the night!

While you’re sleeping soundly at 3 a.m., I’m usually up slinging words, editing documents, absorbing university course lectures, researching, wrestling with websites, scouring freelance listings, or tackling the next creative project.

As your night is ending, mine is just beginning.

It’s quieter.
People don’t interrupt you.
Your focus is sharper.
Your concentration is better.

If you pay attention, you can hear the subtle whispers of creative, inventive, unconventional souls that have gone before you – if you listen deeply enough. There is, in fact, precious illumination that is found in the darkness.

Oh yes, I do love the night and the energy it brings! As a naturally nocturnal soul, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Bring on the night!


Ever get tired of life’s bullshit and constraints? All the rules, social expectations, marching to other people’s drums?

I do.

Maybe I just want to spend a month doing nothing but being silly, laughing, sightseeing, having no schedule, daring to say and do things others might not approve of.

Maybe I want to be selfish.

Maybe I want to set off on a journey with no idea of where it’ll lead me.

Maybe I want to stand naked on a beach under a full moon and feel tears of joy stream down my face.

Maybe I want to fill a tub with lime green gelatin and play around in it.

Maybe I want to live without rules, boundaries, or expectations before I die.

Maybe that’s what I want.