I started a new fiction novel, Write to Dead, in November for NaNoWriMo, and am nearly finished with Living a Paranormal Life: Experiences with the Other Side. In addition, I began a new manuscript last night.

I’m looking for 15 beta readers – 5 for each book manuscript. I’m only taking 15, so once those spots are taken, I’ll close it off.

For those who don’t know, beta readers are a book’s pre-readers. Beta readers give feedback so the author can make changes before the book is published. Need more info? If you’re chosen as a beta reader I’ll send you info and links so you can better understand what’s expected.

If you decide to be a beta reader for me, you must agree not to discuss or share details (either in writing or verbally) about what you’ve read until the book is published.

Please comment below if you are interested and I will choose 15 of you, randomly, as beta readers. Part of those interested will be assigned Write to Dead, others will be assigned to SSWP (Super-Secret Writing Project), and the final 5 will be selected as readers for Living a Paranormal Life.

I will decide which project I think you’ll fit best with, so just comment with “Beta reader” or e-mail me, but don’t mention which book manuscript you’d prefer. I’ll select those 😉

Thanks in advance!


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