The winner is…Social Psychology! ;-)

Really anxious to start this new course on Social Psychology. It begins August 12th. 😉 I’ve chosen Social Psychology as the specific discipline I’m most interested in within the broader realm of psychology. 

Through this course, I’m also going to have the option of setting up a membership and profile page on the Social Psychology Network (SPN)

Excited? Why yes I am! Even better, I get to stay home and take courses late at night after I’ve finished my work for the day, so this is PERFECT!

Because pursuing one degree wasn’t enough, now I’m going for a second!

So, I made a big decision today — a positive one I’m excited about! Once things get settled with our living situation (because I need to focus on my new venture in addition to ongoing writing/editing work), I am going to pursue a degree in psychology. Most likely with an emphasis on Media Psychology, Social Psychology, or Spiritual Psychology (still deciding and checking out programs because I like ALL three of them, though Social Psychology is the front-runner as of now.)

The degree will be done completely online and through an accredited program. This decision takes me WAY back to when I first attended Phillips University and was carrying a second major in psychology. It also dovetails well with my existing University of Colorado education in Applied Communications (my primary emphasis thus far) as well as my minor in Philosophy.

I have some ideas about where I want all of this to lead, but for now I’m keeping mum about them. 🙂 However, I’m SO EXCITED and had to SHARE with you guys! And no, I’m NEVER giving up writing, editing, or teaching online writing courses. As I see it, this is an enhancement for me both personally and professionally.