[Dream] Cobras & Demons

Two big dreams last night. In the first, I worked in some sort of a warehouse where people would come to have dinner and watch performers do all sorts of things. A group of snake charmers were charming a shit-ton of cobras (they were a bunch of pretty colors, though).

Now, I don’t like snakes and I’m scared to death of cobras and vipers! Well, one snake charmer came over to me and tapped on my right shoulder (from the front). The cobra leaned down and laid its head (or nudged its head) on my right shoulder without biting me. I was scared shitless and I remember holding my breath in terror!

Then, the snake charmer was touched by the cobra and the snake charmer ended up dying — I tried to run around and find an antidote (something called H1-something or another, but could only find H2-something). The guy’s body bloated up and died, his stomach was big and distended like you’d see in a Feed the Children ad.

I did not die from the cobra touching me, though. I felt like, somehow, I’d been blessed and protected by the cobra (not sure if that makes sense). So, THAT dream was freaky and weird. But then…

Discovery: I have a lot of dreams — a TON of them! — about battling and/or exorcizing demons. Most always when I forget to take my Trazodone before bed. Then I wake up with a sore body and barely able to move from having my muscles tensed up all night, as a result of fighting demons (could you get more symbolic?!).

Last night I was helping our friend Carly’s neighborhood rid itself of demons and Josh P. showed up as well. I didn’t want to do down into Carly’s basement, because it would be a high and tenuous climb to get back out of it, but I went in there anyway.

When it was time to get out, there was no other way except to climb up a steep, rigged ladder that was unsafe and shaky. I’m terrified of heights in real life, so in the dream I had no other choice but to face my fears and climb that shaky ladder and chance falling a long way down. Since there was no other way than up that ladder, I decided to avoid looking down and climb that ladder. I was scared to death. In the end, the ladder nearly came loose, but I made it up and out of the basement and to safety again.

Funny how the demons were less scary than that damned ladder climb! Anyway, last night’s dream couldn’t have been more dead-on about life right now, or how I’m feeling. I’ve never wanted to climb ‘that ladder’ many times in my life. I don’t want to now, either. But sometimes climbing ‘that ladder,’ no matter how scary it might be, is the only way out of the abyss known as the basement. Damn…helluva dream, eh? Lots to think about.[D

[Dream Logic] Rats, snakes, and sex — oh my!

A couple nights ago, I dreamed of tussling with an alligator. I was thrashing about so violently in bed that Paul woke me up. My whole body was sore the next day.

Last night, I dreamed about a house that was filled with snakes and wild rats. I have no problem with fancy or pet rats, having owned a few in my lifetime. These were rabid, wild, intimidating rats. The place was overrun with them, in addition to the creepy, slim garter snakes.

[EDIT: I just looked up vipers, and the snakes were pit vipers instead of garter snakes. I found a photo that looked **exactly** like the ones in my dream. Shudder!]

Oh, except there was one huge snake — black and deep purple in color — that I wrested up on the counter. Paul took a butcher knife and cut it in two, killing it.

That snake, though, didn’t seem as wicked or threatening as the smaller ones, though. Their sinister triangular heads (like vipers rather than harmless snakes), induced extreme fear.

In the dream, they were invading the home, slithering through cracks, crevices — you name it. We could barely keep up with killing them all.

Again, my whole body was sore today when I woke up.

Battling snakes is a recurring theme in my dreams this past year. Between that and dreaming about battling demons, conducting exorcisms, and getting lost in strange cities or on high school or college campuses.

On occasion I also find my dream self in dark, foreboding warehouses that have been turned into underground sex clubs. Usually I’m the observer, rather than the participant. Though on occasion I’ve been involved. Most of the time, though, I’m taken aback by the debauchery I’m witnessing.

Mind you, I’m not a prude. However, I do prefer a sense of decorum in the bedroom. I don’t like messy, disgusting sex that involves too much of an extreme. I’m more of the sensual type, with a love of oils, scents, candles, massages, kissing, foreplay, whispered words of love, and decadent sensuality. For me, pain doesn’t equal pleasure. I want to feel good, not bad.

*Shrug* Each to his or her own.

At any rate, these are the recurrent themes in my dreams over the past year. Apparently, they plan to surface in 2015 as well. I’m aware of the dream symbolism of most of these things. I also understand how they each relate to my life, both past and present.

It’s interesting how your mind works through things, isn’t it?

[Dream] Cafeteria Shenanigans

Last night I had another weird Trazodone-fueled dream. I looked into it, and Trazodone does give some people weird-ass dreams. They’re so bizarre and disconcerting to some that people stop taking it. Not me, though. Strangely, I look forward to a new adventure every night.

Some dreams are more disturbing than others, but they’re *never* boring. Last night I was in a cafeteria with my daughter Britt. The cafeteria was full of all sorts of food — but it was weird, odd food. Strange colors, strange combinations, odd dishes.

Britt kept wandering off, which annoyed me. I’d turn around to ask her something, and she was gone again. When I went to call for her, I’d yell for Wendy, even though I knew her name was Britt. The name Wendy came out of my mouth each and every single time, and I’d go, “Damnit, I meant Britt!”

I told Britt about the dream and when I mentioned that I called her Wendy over and over, she replied, “Mmm…Wendy’s sounds good.” Lol! I have to agree with her. I could go for a Frosty right now.

Yes, I know it’s not healthy food and all of that. I’m not completely daft! I still want a Frosty and a spicy chicken sandwich. So there! ;-p

[Dream of July 29, 2013] A steep road, impish statues and lush greenery


A path to an interesting future?

Last night I had a cool dream where I was in a car with some people (I don’t remember who) and we were traveling up a steep, one-lane road that wound around and had sharp curves. It was precarious, but still beautiful because both sides of the road were lush with greenery and featured all sorts of beautiful plants. Within the plants and greenery that dotted the side of the steep road, there were countless statues and parts of statues of all types. Some were peeking out, some were posed, some looked like they were intentionally placed there for artistic effect. The lush, deep green plants and trees/bushes grew up, over, and around the statues…it was fascinating and beautiful.

I was driving, and although I was fearful of the steep road (and worried another car would come down the hill and force us off the road or hit us), I couldn’t help but marvel at the beauty all around us as we made the trip. We eventually made it to the top of the street and up the hill, although at one point I had to stop, put the small car in reverse (it was as small as a Mini Cooper — reminded me of a European car), and carefully back it down the road a bit (not sure why). But eventually we continued our trek up the hilly road.

Once we arrived, there was a beautiful stone mansion with majestic pillars on the outside. The place had an astonishing view. We got out, but from there I don’t remember much after that.

The prevailing memory from the dream was the amazing beauty of the foliage and how the statues were cleverly placed along the side of the road, seemingly peeking out from behind leaves and trees as if they were alive and not merely made of stone. There was an impish, playful nature about the whole thing. Like the statues were alive, but shy and hiding. Like…I don’t know…guardians? I don’t know how else to capture the feel of it.

A strange, yet wonderful dream. I needed the respite from the nightmares I’ve been having lately.

Grist for the writing mill: My Buddhist temple/pagoda dream

The other night I had an interesting dream that involved a longtime friend and former classmate of mine, Cyndy C. I’ve already shared it with her, and now I’m posting it here so I can tag it for future reference should I need it. 

Essentially, we were tooling around Colorado Springs in a small car — like a Mini Cooper — and having lots of fun hanging out and seeing all sorts of stuff, including having lunch. We left lunch and got in the car, saw a HUGE pagoda-like building, drove up the steps (!) and parked right at the entrance. Nobody said anything to us about parking there. We got out of the car and went straight inside.

It was an open building — no doors — and it was a massive combination Zen Buddhist temple and marketplace selling incense, mini altar statues, Buddhas, incense burners, altar supplies and the like. We walked around, checking out the wares. We spoke with various Buddhist monks who were wandering around, greeting people who were visiting. It was exceptionally pleasant.

We were up on the massive top floor. The pagoda-like structure had a red brick-colored roof (not made of bricks, but of red ceramic tile) and there was an odd sea-foamish green color used throughout the structure — very brushed, worn and old. The pillars of the building were painted with the red brick color, too.

We were checking out the layout of the main floor at the top when we noticed there were holes, or shafts, that led to the bottom. It appeared there was some kind of machinery down inside of them. I remember looking down into one of the shafts and asking what it was and what was I was seeing in there.

A monk told us the entire building was built on top of a large, old ship (which was the same sea-foam green — worn and with the paint rubbed off the ship’s steel hull). He said it was to honor the Zen Buddhist monks who had been on the ship when it wrecked and sank. So what we were seeing when we looked down those rectangular holes/shafts were the remains of the ship, which was what the temple was built upon. Essentially, it was an altar of remembrance to those monks who had perished in the ship accident!

That’s how the dream ended…but Cyndy and I were both fascinated by the story the monks told us about the history of this place of worship. We loved the place in this dream. It was so peaceful and felt so homey. The energy was loving and accepting. Monks would freely come up to us and tell us about their history, worshipping rituals, legends and such. One monk came up to us with a large bundle of smoking incense (had to be like 50 sticks!) and it was smoking/burning. It was an incredibly enjoyable dream!

If you have any thoughts, ideas or interpretations of this dream, feel free to post in the comments. 🙂

Strange and creepy nighttime episode!

Shared this with a friend in a comment and decided to post it here as well. Do you like creepy stories? Well, here’s one from my own life! The only thing is…I don’t remember ANY of it. I asked Paul to tell me what happened again because I feel I need to post it here before I forget. Here’s what he said went down (again, I do NOT remember any of this):

The strange event happened about three years ago, according to his estimation. Paul says he woke up and I was making low, guttural noises. He asked if I was okay. I replied, “Uhhhh-huuuhhhh” in a sing-song voice. He told me he loved me. I rolled over, began tickling him while cackling, then responded, “We love you, too!” Then he says I stopped, rolled over and went back to sleep. Paul laid there and jokingly thought, “Great! Now I have to tell the kids their mother is possessed!” He figured it was a weird sleep episode and dismissed it.

>>>>END of story<<<<

Now, tell me that isn’t creepy! He thought I’d been awake and joking with him, but I hadn’t.

Shortly thereafter, we were in the car riding down the road and he told me this story. I replied, “Paul, you’re creeping me out. Stop it. Quit effing with me!” He said he wasn’t joking and I told him I didn’t remember ANYTHING like that AT ALL. I had chills down my arms.

Ever since, I’ve been bothered by what he told me. At first I thought he was pulling my leg, but he was dead serious. He will recount the same story to anyone who asks. He’s not kidding. It did happen, and I have NO idea what to make of it. I don’t remember anything about that episode.

The “We love you, too!” part creeps me out. I mean, “we”? I’m just ME, not “we”! I joke about it to other people we’ve told the story to, but deep down it still makes me shudder. It was probably a weird sleep episode, but it’s still strange/weird!

Training as a master assassin (in my dream).

Forgot to mention I had the most kick-ass dream EVER! I was being trained in martial arts by a Russian master assassin. He picked me out randomly after I left a deli that specialized in high-end gustatory delights (the sandwiches there were amazing, yet so healthy and fresh!). I understood that it was in New England — I think it was Maine. When I left the shop (after spending $45 on sandwiches to take home for the family), I walked down an interesting narrow street (with cobblestones) that seemed more European than American. He caught up with me and stopped me as I was walking home. Told me he’d been watching me, and that my personality/character fit the psychological type for training as a master assassin. The dream was one of the most fascinating and intricate dreams I’ve ever had. I didn’t want it to end! 🙂