About )0( The Intrepid Wordslinger )0(


My name is Bev Sninchak (w/a Bev Walton~Porter), otherwise known as The Intrepid Wordslinger OR Nocturnal Muse. I’ve a professional author, freelance writer, blogger, copy editor, and writing instructor since May 1997. I’m also wife to an awesome/talented guy, mother to two wonderful adult kids and several lovable fur kids. In my spare time, I read, play World of Warcraft (Alliance!), crochet, knit, watch documentaries, and listen to music.

My published books are Sun Signs for Writers,  Secrets of the Professional Freelancer,  Aim to Write: Tips & Tricks for Freeing the Scribe WithinShadows of the Soul, and Nocturnal Musings–Collected Ponderings, Essays, and Stories. I also write women’s fiction under the pen name of Star Ferris. Two of my fiction books are Mending Fences and Hidden Fire. Finally, I’ve co-authored The Complete Writer: A Guide to Tapping Your Full Potential with three other wonderful authors: Joyce Faulkner, Pat McGrath-Avery, and Mindy Phillips Lawrence. You can find all of of my books on Amazon and through other sales outlets.

Past and current professional memberships include The Authors Guild, Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA), National Writers Union, Romance Writers of America, Pikes Peak Writers, American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES), and the American Federation of Astrologers.

My agent is Meredith Bernstein of the Meredith Bernstein Literary Agency in New York City.

Thanks for stopping by. Please feel free to comment or drop me a message using the contact form below :-).



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