Yet another senseless death

A main intersection up the street from us at Circle and Uintah was the scene of a tragic accident yesterday. A drunk driver ran a red light, hit a car w/ two people, and the passenger in that car died. The driver sustained injuries, but will survive.

I keep thinking about that accident because we use that intersection all the time. It could’ve been any of us or one of our friends/neighbors! Alcohol and speed are to blame. Makes me sick. Two people probably running an errand or doing something mundane and some dickhead had to get all liquored up and injure/kill innocent people.

I hear people gripe about marijuana all the time, but I guarantee you’ll find more tragedy connected with drunk driving than MJ. It’s NOT weed that’s the TRUE scourge. When it comes to destroying lives and killing innocent people, alcohol is unparalleled in its taste for destruction.


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