Recruiting for The Nazzgul horde guild on World of Warcraft

So, I rarely play my Horde characters on World of Warcraft, but I guess that’s gonna change as of NOW.

Signed on a while ago to my character Adrasteia. Discovered I was still in a guild, but the guild master left four years ago and the guild was inactive. So I’m now Guild Master of The Nazzgul on the realm of Elune.

Paul & I are looking to recruit more guild members, too! This is a casual, friendly guild for players who just want to get on and play without all the b.s. gaming politics and stupidity.

We are NOT a hardcore raiding guild and we don’t have scheduled events going on every night (I’ve got a life to lead + writing, work, and editing to do, lol!)

If you or someone you know is looking for a laid-back guild on World of Warcraft, you can find us on Elune. Again, the guild name is The Nazzgul. I’m the Guild Master and Paul’s character, Radu, is Asst. Guild Master.

Message me here or in-game (or drop me an e-mail at and let me know if you want to join. I also just finished adding The Nazzgul to the WoW guild list so people can find us in there as well.


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