Help others when you can

Never understood why I end up talking to strangers about their problems under the weirdest circumstances. A depressed and nearly suicidal college guy was playing in WoW and was obviously in need of help.

Everyone ignored him and he said, “Well, I guess I should quit college and hang myself.” Yes, he could’ve been joking…but a longtime friend and classmate of mine, Harold Hitt, committed suicide in August 2012 and it’s haunted me ever since. I should’ve picked up the phone and called to see how he was doing. I should’ve done something…even if it didn’t stop him in the long run and he killed himself anyway.

Another friend, Terry, committed suicide a couple years ago. I only knew him through Livejournal, but I’d been online friends with him for years.

Both of those events still haunt me. So when I watched this situation unfold in World of Warcraft, I couldn’t just be silent and ignore him. So I talked to him for about a half-hour. Found out he was drunk and depressed, feeling like his real-life friends had abandoned him and were ignoring him.

Anyway, those are the basics — but I talked to him, then another person joined in the conversation as well. The end result was that the depressed college fellow said he was feeling better, and that what we told him made sense, and he was going to log off and seek out his friends and do something that made him feel better.

I’m not sure what will or won’t happen. I can only be sure that I tried to help in some way — as did the other person. Before he left, he told both of us that we seemed ‘legit’ and like decent people, and he thanked us.

I hope he has a better day tomorrow, and all days after that. I never want to hear about a person I know (or become acquainted with) committing suicide or being ignored when they’re depressed.

I suffer from major depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Without my family and friends, I may not have been here to this day. But I am. And as long as I’m here, if I can do a good deed that helps someone else — even if they don’t know me — that’s what matters.

Do good for good’s sake, whenever possible. It may save someone’s life.

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