How some women give the rest of us a bad name

Thoughts after reading comments on a FB page geared toward women (and why I’ll unlike that page):

I’m a woman, and I gotta say that way too many women are catty, two-faced bitches that will stab you in the back at a moment’s notice. They’re too cowardly to stab you in the front — it’s always the back when you least expect it.

Not talking about you guys, of course. If you were like that, you’d be off this page as soon as I recognized that behavior. Who needs that kind of shit in life? Not me. I have enough to contend with.

The behavior exhibited by many women is the reason I prefer to hang around males and other women who are more like me. For many women, it’s not about supporting other women or encouraging them. It’s about superficiality, competition, and jealousy/envy. Quite the shame. It doesn’t cost a damn thing to be HAPPY for someone else’s success or good fortune. There’s no shortage of those things, and I believe the more you’re happy for other people, the better things you attract in your own life. It doesn’t take away from you to congratulate others or be inspired by them.

You are YOU and there’s nobody else like you. The only person you should compete with to improve is YOURSELF. Who gives a shit what the other person’s hair looks like, where they got their nails done, how many shoes they have, what their cologne smells like? I sure as hell don’t! I’m me and I’ll dress as I like, fix my hair like I want, wear my nails as I see fit, and choose the cologne I want to wear. You do your thing, I’ll do mine. I’m an individual and NOT any of you, and I’m happy about that.

I got a whole bunch of flack in high school because I had plenty of guy friends. Inevitably, other females thought I was screwing all of them, not realizing that I wasn’t and that it is possible to be platonic friends/buddies with males. I’ve done it my entire life. I preferred to hike in the woods or Garden of the Gods with my male buddies than sit by a pool tanning any old day. Besides, I have fair skin, so it’s a cycle of burn and peel with me, not tan ;-).

When I see such petty behavior on pages geared toward women, it leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. It makes me not want to participate in that page. I don’t expect those types of women to change, and that’s sad and frustrating for the rest of us who are female.How

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