Limited time only – Writers, get your AstroCreativity Report for only $14.99

Writers, get your personal Astrocreativity reading for only $14.99 **for a limited time only**.
What are your strengths as a writer? Which genres might suit you best? What are the best ways to express yourself, and how?

Get your personalized and in-depth AstroCreativity reading/report for the low price of only $14.99. The AstroCreativity reading/report and the accompanying chart wheel graphic .jpg will be rendered in PDF format and emailed or messaged to you.


In order to produce your AstroCreativity reading/report, I will need:
—Month, day, and year of your birth
—Your exact time of birth (if you don’t know, the chart will be without your ascendant info)
—City, state, and country of birth
—A valid email address

AstroCreative readings/reports provide insights into who you are as a person—and who you are as a creative—by analyzing the astrological influences/characteristics evident in your personal birth (natal) chart.

++AstroCreative readings are much more than just charts and reports; AstroCreative readings include a specific creativity reading authored by Bev in tandem with your chart and general interpretation.

++As part of your personal consultation, Bev will cast your birth (natal) chart and discuss your astrological characteristics as they relate to your personality as well as your writing and overall creativity.

++Bev uses her unique brand of intuition and creativity to add a splash of originality to her astrological readings. As a professional author, she is able to relate to and understand writers and other creatives.

++In order to render a client’s natal chart and creativity reading, clients must provide accurate data (date of birth, time of birth* and location of birth). PLEASE NOTE: If no birth time is available, the chart will not include information on the ascendant (rising) sign.

++ AstroCreative readings are for entertainment/information purposes only. Progress and/or success as a writer is solely dependent upon each individual client/writer and his/her actions or decisions in the individual field of expertise.

++No guarantees, implied or otherwise, will be made regarding the information, suggestions, opinions and/or advice discussed with clients regarding their personal and/or professional lives.

Disclaimer: For entertainment purposes ONLY.


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