Staying busy in the aftermath of Mom’s passing

Candles and incense lit on Mom’s remembrance altar. Coffee poured. Strawberries and a few cookies to my left. Adoring husband to the right of me. Momo-chan begging for food, as usual. Yep, my late night is now fully in swing.

On another note, managed to finish Britt’s black and pink scarf last night (when I crochet, I feel close to Mom since that’s one activity we used to share). All I have to do is add the fringe at the bottom of Britt’s scarf and it’ll be ready to wear. Next up: Cait’s red and black scarf (*Cait is Jon’s beautiful and amazing gf). Then, hopefully, after I’m done with that one, I can finally dig into making one for me (purple and black are the already chosen colors).

I also plan to make fingerless gloves to keep my hands warm while I’m working here in the office. Oh! And doggie sweaters are on tap — two of them. One for Bandit (affectionately known as Bandersnatch, Dita, or Banders) and the other for Cosmo (affectionately known as Momo, Momo-chan, or Cosmonaut). I’m also working on a baby blanket to give as a gift.

Besides writing, editing, tarot readings, astro/numerology readings, website updates, and other stuff, I’m going to keep my mind and hands busy over the coming days/weeks to help keep me focused as I deal with the loss of Mom. An idle mind or hands would be bad news for me. Already prone to depression. So…gotta stay busy!

Mom has transitioned

My mother Shirley passed on Saturday morning, April 19, 2014, at sunrise.

Thank you all for your kindness and love toward her and our family during this past week.

Right now I need some time to deal with this…so I apologize in advance if I miss messages, phone calls, emails.

I’m so devastated. I loved her so much. She needed to go and be at peace, but it doesn’t make her loss any easier.