Grab your copy of SUN SIGNS FOR WRITERS at Amazon or Etsy.

If you don’t have a copy of my book, Sun Signs for Writers, you can get a print copy or eBook version directly through me. If you want an autographed copy from me, I have maybe two copies left (first come, first serve). If you want the eBook version, PayPal $1.99 to me at OR if you want one of the two print books I have on hand (and I’ll autograph them), PayPal $9 to and your shipping will be FREE! You can also get print and eBook versions at Amazon, but the print ones are NOT autographed. Thanks!

Review blurb:

“What an entertaining gift for a writer who’s interested in astrology. It’s a quick read filled with practical tips about writing and submitting, and ideas bound to spark your creativity. In addition to using the book to analyze yourself, you can use it as a quirky way to shape your characters.”

—Jenna Glatzer
Author of The Street-Smart Writer and
Make a Real Living as a Freelance