And the beat goes on…

Saw a new doc today. Really liked her. She’s gonna try and sort me out. I’ve rarely had to visit the doc throughout my life, at least compared to most people.

Blood pressure was good at 118/78. She upped my Celexa to 40mg for my anxiety/depressive disorder, too.

The unexpected development was that she may be referring me to a neurologist for a nerve conduction because I may have either carpal tunnel syndrome OR arthritis in my hands/wrists. As a writer/editor, this is NOT welcome news—but I suspected it because of pain I have developed. However, NOTHING will EVER stop me from writing or editing…even pain. I’ll take meds, wear wrist braces, or whatever. I will NOT allow my body to keep me from doing what I love!

As if those things weren’t enough, I definitely have chronic asthma/bronchitis (which is why I cough a lot), so I have a new prescription for an inhaler.

Finally, tomorrow I have to have a series of blood tests and a metabolic profile done to test my current thyroid levels, including TSH/T3/T4 for hypothyroidism (subclinical or full-blown) or to see if it’s something else that’s wreaking all sorts of havoc with my body.

Whew! All these decades of bragging about not having to go to the doctor often, and now at 49 I get hit all at once. Geez!

And how was YOUR day?!


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