Inspire kids — it can shape the rest of their lives!

You know what’s awesome? Receiving a message from your high school journalism teacher — the woman who played a big role in me becoming a professional freelance writer, editor, and published author. Her name is Lana Smith, and she is one of a few mentors in my life who absolutely shaped the person I’d become and what I’d do for a career.

I began in journalism class at Widefield High School (in Colorado Springs) when I was a wee sophomore, went on to become the advertising manager and, eventually, the editor-in-chief for the WHS Gladitorial.

My first paid article appeared in the Colorado Springs Sun newspaper when I was 17 years old. I started writing in elementary school and have never stopped. I was blessed to have teachers and parents who encouraged me every step of the way.

Always support your kids in their passions/interests. It’s *incredibly* important to do so. Hearing from Lana today really made my weekend — and my week!

2 thoughts on “Inspire kids — it can shape the rest of their lives!

  1. Kevin says:

    I also had Mrs. Smith as a journalism teacher at WHS! Where is she today? I’m proud to have her as one of my mentors and happened upon your blog by doing a “google” search of her name because I just happened to be thinking of her today for some reason. Small world, indeed.


    • Hey, Kevin! Small world indeed 😉 She is on LinkedIn, so you can likely connect with her there. I believe she lives in the Denver area and she was employed at Regis University — not sure that’s still the case. She was a counselor at Palmer H.S. for quite a few years prior. Hope you can reconnect! I think she’s on FB as well. Thanks for getting in touch!

      Bev (Walton) Sninchak
      WHS Class of ’83


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