Mind Dump: Syria, Putin, U.S. politics, etc.

Did any of you read Vladimir Putin’s Op-Ed in the NYT? I just wrote an article about the messy business in Syria and decided I’d post this in case some of you hadn’t heard about it or read it.

My personal opinion is that the United States needs to spend time OUT of other people’s business and concentrate on our OWN crumbling infrastructure and economy. We have people without adequate housing and food HERE. We have plenty of problems HERE in our country that must be addressed.

I’m not saying we should never help others — not at all. However, for the billions of dollars spent over the last decade, what could we have done for our OWN citizens in THIS country? A helluva lot, that’s what.

I’m amused how we have a large, flowing money river to fund wars (and send our youngest and brightest soldiers over to get wounded, maimed, or die in a foreign country, spending their valuable lives as if they were cheap and disposable), yet when the issues of education or health care come up (or insert other needs here), the dunderheads in Washington (both parties, I might add) scream, “OMG! WE AIN’T GOT ENOUGH MONEY FOR THAT!”


You find money to spend depending on where your interests lie…it’s that simple. It’s time to put OUR people and OUR country FIRST for a while, dammit.

Remember: put the oxygen mask over your face FIRST in the event of an emergency, THEN help others. It seems so simple and so common sense, but apparently it’s not.

One more thing: I’ve love to see ONE politician with BALLS (or ovaries) step up to the plate and be REAL with the American people. Fuck lobbyists, fuck special interests, fuck the bipartisan postering, fuck your ego, fuck all the other bullshit. You work for US, remember? Better damn well remember it, chummies!

/steps off soapbox


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