Creativity, Innovation, and Change: Week 2

A couple weeks into my course on Creativity, Innovation, and Change through Penn State University. Took an assessment on my creative style and scored a 66, meaning I have a moderately innovative preference — only 13% of the population has that. Essentially, it means I will:

*Be more comfortable operating at the edges of or outside boundaries
*Challenge or bend/break the rules to solve problems
* Help shake things up
* Question and challenge history
* Not be concerned with continuity or ‘why’ things are done the way they are
* Seek variety
* Reject a given perception of a problem and will redefine it
* Won’t be overly concerned with rules of engagement
* Will hold loosely structured (even chaotic) discussions
* Will be guilty/tolerant of interruptions
* Will not be concerned with seeking agreement before action
* May come across as harsh, rude, or disruptive
* May be seen as a ‘loose cannon’ or a maverick.

Overall, I’m okay with the above assessment. I don’t like to be thought of as rude or harsh, but at times I have been guilty of that even though I didn’t intend to come across that way. I’m passionate, and sometimes more passionate than some people can handle. Perhaps could be why I’ve chosen to be a freelance contractor for 16+ years instead of working in the traditional job market. By-the-book corporate types just don’t “get” me, and that’s okay. People who make a difference in this world or who innovate are usually ones who think outside the existing paradigms anyway. After all, without the innovators, where would the world be?


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