Untangling my DNA: Surprising Genetic Composition Results!

This is where I had my biggest WTF result. Before receiving my results, I speculated that the majority of my ancestry was from the British Isles (Scotland, Wales, Ireland). NOT SO! Only 16.5% was from there. Instead, a whopping 66.6% of my ancestry comes from Northern Europe (countries that are close to the North and Baltic Seas, such as Norway and Finland; previously I learned that certain sections of my DNA were nearly identical to people who were from Norway).

Next, I have 4.2% French (!) and German ancestry. I figured I’d have some German (my birth mother told me we did), but the French part was a surprise, too.

Nonspecific European accounts for 11.9%, although they did get a hit on Switzerland when they compared my DNA to people from that country.

Then, finally, there’s 0.8% Unassigned info for my DNA.

By and large, it appears that the majority of my ancestral DNA points directly to Northern Europe (especially Norway). That is what blows me away the most! Guess I need to do research now, huh?

It’s embarrassing, but I know VERY little about Norway or Northern Europe…and I guess if my DNA is mostly from that part of the world, I need to familiarize myself more with that region. When I think of Norway, I guess Black Metal is what comes to mind (and I DO like Black Metal, by the way).

All this time I’ve spent most of my energy on the British Isles (the 16.5% slice of the DNA pie). Time for venture into fresh territory, eh?

One cool thing: I’ve always been attracted to the French language and I took three years of it in high school. I was also president of the French Club as well. In addition, for most books written in French, I can translate well enough to read them.

Also, my family lived in Germany for three years in the late 70s and I did learn a bit of German language while in school there. However, French is far and away my *first love* when it comes to languages. 🙂 How very cool to find out that I have a small percentage of French in my ancestry!

I’m incredibly excited to solve this mystery after wanting to find out for YEARS! Thanks to advances in science, I am at last able to answer the questions, “Genetically, who am I and where did I come from?” This brought me to tears. If not for the generosity of a friend, I wouldn’t have been able to receive this gift of knowledge! 🙂

Had a long (but fun!) day with Paul, so now it’s time to rest. Thanks for sharing in this journey with me!


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