Untangling my personal DNA profile

Wow — I don’t know where to begin with this, but here goes: For several years, I’ve wanted to get a DNA test for my ancestry because I was adopted and I know next to nothing about my paternal history and some about my maternal lineage (thanks to my birth brother, Jan, and the maternal family genealogist, Norma. Finding out about my ancestry and potential health concerns (genetically) has been extremely important to me.

I never got the test before because, well, surviving on a day-to-day basis and dealing with a financial roller coaster and bills was a huge concern, especially over the past three years. That’s always been the priority. But I hoped to get the DNA test one day in the far, far future.

Well, thanks to a friend’s generosity, I got the DNA test as an anniversary gift! Like I said, Paul and I never have had a honeymoon, but until we can afford a real one (even if we’ve been married for a while!) we still appreciate the blessings we receive here and there.

Anyway, once I opened the test kit, I sent in the saliva sample (that was sooo gross, by the way! I had to spit for like two minutes. UGH!) and then the waiting began.

As of tonight, the results finally started to come in. Earlier this evening I checked on the site to see what the progress was (because I heard it took up to 9 weeks), and about 80 percent of my data is loaded! I have to wait up to two more weeks for the ancestral composition, but they have the haplogroup from my maternal line up there already — and I’m blown away. What’s more, the health information (which runs pages and pages) is jaw-dropping in its detail.

I can’t believe that this is finally happening and I’ll finally get answers about my ancestry and genetic health profile based on my DNA. This is like a dream that I NEVER thought would come true!

Right now I feel so grateful and blessed by all the kindness we have experienced in light of the extreme stress, panic, fear, and depression Paul and I have coped with as of late. I just want to say that I’m totally blown away by it all.

I also wanted to say that, although it may be boring to some people, I’m so excited over the results that I am going to share them here, so I hope you won’t mind!

This all seems like a dream that has finally become reality. Never thought I would see the day! 


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