Methinks Anna Wintour has the right idea

I totally dig Anna Wintour, the longtime editor of Vogue. Many call her cold and bitchy, but she is focused, decisive, confident, intelligent, erudite, and doesn’t suffer fools. She gets shit done and god help you if you stand in her way. There’s a reason why her nickname is Nuclear Wintour, after all.
You may not like her or her way of doing things, but my life would be much easier if I was more like her. At the very least, I would be more adept at handling scheming people and I wouldn’t suffer through their lying, bullshit, or tomfoolery. I also wouldn’t have allowed them to take advantage of me as much as I have in this life. I am often too soft in situations when I should be firm, and I must rectify that. Use more of my head and less of my heart when the circumstances call for it.
Trust is earned, not automatically given to just anyone who crosses your path. Sociopaths hope you will blindly trust. Their victims usually learn the lesson not to trust freely far too late. This is how I view things right now.
I’m not asking for anyone’s agreement, because I will do what works best for me and my family first and foremost. My greatest error has been to accept what everyone else says as truth. It’s not always the case.
Discernment is essential.

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