Truthful balance

Balance — it is elusive and I am seeking it in my life. Balance between work and play; balance between emotions and rationality; balance between happiness and sadness; balance between noise and quietude; balance between joy and anger; balance between stillness and movement; balance between knowing and not knowing; balance between speaking and remaining quiet (that’s a huge one for me — and difficult to master!). Balance in all its forms.

I am an amorphous lump of human clay, waiting to be formed into something better. The thing is, one can only do that for oneself — nobody else can do it for you. I am flawed, I am imperfect, I am damaged, I make mistakes. I ask forgiveness and patience for my shortcomings, for I am human and have bad times/days like everyone else. Despite those things, I can improve.

The tragedy is when you aren’t aware of your flaws and you do not care to try and improve yourself. I, for one, know my flaws and shortcomings and I DO want to improve. That is my charge if I am to become a better person. However, I must also remain true to myself. I am not like anyone else in this world or universe and neither do I want to be anyone else. I am my own spirit and my own essence. In the end, one must be true to oneself throughout the journey. Weigh the experiences and choose accordingly.


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