Embrace your divinity


Most of you know I’m not Christian. However, I am spiritual. Very much so. It is a strong fiber in my being…I am connected to the universe and beyond.

I believe there is no separation between science and the magick of existence and ALL THAT IS. Paranormal events are normal…not paranormal. We just haven’t the experience and knowledge to explain or understand them yet.

You do not have to invent magickal or wondrous events…it is all around you…and it’s in every single thing you touch, see or feel. The fact that you are here, living and breathing and thinking with your brain is a calculated expression of science, divine mathematics and logical evolution.

Divinity, to me, is immanent (in other words, inherent). This is why Taoism (道) makes sense to me.

As I told my brother, Jan, “To everything there is a time and a season, as the saying goes. There is a time to let go — this was that time. It’s two sides of the same coin. Her work here was done. Now she is on to another plane of existence…but I truly believe the soul reincarnates…and if so, her spirit will be born again once more. Rejoice in the time you had with her…and know you were of comfort to her during her last days, Jan.”

You must remember this: energy never disappears or ends — it simply transforms. One day, we will all transform. It is the the way of our existence and our irrefutable destiny. It is, in fact, your birthright. Until that time, you are here for a reason; find out what that reason is and live your purpose!


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