Enough already!

Regarding the theater shooting: I predicted this would happen a few years ago and that it would result in increased security at theaters. Ask Paul, because I told him. How am I able to figure this stuff out, but the higher-ups can’t? If you are a student of human behavior/psychology, then you can figure it out (sadly).

The world is an INSANE place, people. Some wingnut was bound to do this. All those people wanted was to watch a movie and have a good time. But no, we can’t have a good time anymore, can we? What a disgusting waste of skin that guy is. Always some sociopathic/psychopathic jerk ruining it for others and causing untold amounts of pain and suffering.

There are NO excuses and I have NO mercy, compassion or forgiveness for this mass murderer. I reserve those kinds of things for people who DESERVE them — such as the poor victims’ families/friends. I don’t CARE what bad childhood you had, if mommy didn’t love you enough or WHAT the so-called excuse is. Bullshit! There’s NO excuse.

Get the trial going, and when he’s convicted, mete out punishment RIGHT away. I’m going to the movies this weekend as a big “F you” in response to such pieces of shit still walking around in society! This is domestic terrorism, and I refuse to be kept in my home and in the grip of fear because of sick people like this!

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