Stupid is as stupid does!

If you haven’t seen the movie Idiocracy, it’s time to watch it. It seems to be coming true. With such a push against intellectualism, the new “cool” is being stupid and ignorant — and celebrating it!

Who needs science, right? Who needs books or knowledge. Who needs to learn how to read and write? Who needs anything nerdy like that? That’s DANGEROUS stuff, to have a rational and critical-thinking mind. We gotta keep the sheep in order, after all! Keep ’em dumb and they’ll never know.

Ask questions, research things yourself, question authority (not all lead you down the right path. Example: Jim Jones!). You were given a brain — USE it! Don’t wait for everything and everyone to tell YOU what to think — examine everything and then decide what YOU think, based on that. Don’t just open up your mouths — and your minds — like yawping little birdies and allow everyone else to fill you up with their truth and their version of things.

EVERYONE has an angle — even ME! Even YOU. When you came into being, you were given many gifts. Intuition, intelligence, discernment are but a few of them. Nobody is perfect, but the real crime is when people stop striving to improve or better themselves.

It’s NOT cool to be ignorant. It’s NOT cool to brag that you have never read a book. It’s NOT cool to brag that you cheated in school (I NEVER cheated on tests — EVER. What is the point? The point is to LEARN). It’s NOT cool to tout stupidity as a totem of worship.

Maybe you believe in God, and maybe you don’t, but in my view, the Grand Architect/Intelligence of this Universe (and beyond) designed us to do more than eat, sleep and poop. We are here to learn, to grow, to self-actualize as much as we can. We all have our own journey.

Are you steering your own vehicle, or have you handed over the steering wheel to someone else? Think about it.


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